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Carbon Nutrition & Dietetics is a professional nutrition service passionate about health, food, and wellbeing. The brand was established and developed by Jasmine Carbon, a Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian with the goal of raising awareness on the importance of eating well and improving wellbeing. 


Carbon Nutrition & Dietetics is here to help people improve their eating habits and increase their food knowledge to promote good health and wellbeing. We want to show how simple it can be to eat well. 

We offer 121 face-to face and digital consultations that fit in with your busy  schedule. Our packages are designed to provide the amount of support which works best for you.


Please get in touch to learn more about the nutritional services and packages available.



Nicole, 29, Surrey

Meal plan- Gold package

"...I really like how the plan doesn't restrict me too much and allows me to enjoy food I actually like as well as making some healthy substitutions as well...

"... it is not a diet and I really don't feel as if I am on one."

—  Name, Title




Zodiac Arts is a London based charity providing workshops for sports and recreation for children, young people and adults with special needs and disabilities, in Greater London and the UK.

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Lou Lou's Kitchen is a mobile catering service delivering healthy meals. Caribbean and Mediterranean ingreadients are fused together to create delicious bowls, smoothies and snacks.

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Evolve Body Transformation Bootcamp is a Guildford based fitness club delivering outdoor HIIT style workouts that lead up to amazing results.

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