10 Reasons Why Pickled and Fermented Foods are Good For You

With fermented food interest on the rise, some people may have overlooked the health benefits of pickled fruits and vegetables.

I'll be giving a quick overview on what the difference is between the fermented foods and pickles foods before then looking at some of the benefits of having pickled foods in your diet.

Pickled vs Fermented Foods

In a nut shell:

Pickling involves soaking foods in an acidic liquid to achieve a sour flavour; when foods are fermented, the sour flavour is a result of a chemical reaction between a food's sugars and naturally present bacteria — no added acid required.

Both result in the preservation of food and is a technique which has been used for thousands of years before refrigeration (and continues to be used today!)

Health Benefits

  1. Immune system boosting properties

  2. Increase bio-diversity of your gut

  3. Can count towards your fruit and vegetable portion quota for the day

  4. Can provide a source of fibre

  5. Adds an interesting taste dynamic to your meal

  6. Pickled foods can pose a lower health than fermented foods (because bacteria is prevented from growing)

  7. Can be part of balanced diet

  8. May improve mood and behaviour

  9. Help relieve gut discomfort

  10. Can reduce the development of colon cancer and promote heart health

Things to be mindful of:

  • Fermented and pickled foods tend to be high in histamines so should be avoided if you are intolerant.

  • These are relatively high in salt and so this should be taken into account when preparing a meal (ie avoiding using additional salt in cooking)

  • If you have sensitive gut, try a small amount and it might be worth speaking to a dietitian before-hand.


Be sure to download and try my recipe for Haitian inspired pickle: Pikliz

Download PDF • 1.42MB

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