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Carbon Nutrition & Dietetics is Launching A New Low Cost Service

Carbon Nutrition will be introducing a low cost 121 consultation service for health and wellness optimisation.

⏰ When: Wednesday 8th June 2022



👥 For who: Anyone in the UK on benefits or a low income

📝 What will you get:

  • 1hr video or telephone consultation

  • A nutritional care plan

  • Signposting to specialist services

  • Exclusive discount codes for food, health and fitness brands

❓Reasons to speak to book a slot:

  • Pre-diabetes or want type 2 diabetes support

  • Begin your sustainable weight loss journey

  • Get tailored healthy eating plan

  • Healthy and affordable meal plan for the family

  • Blood pressure lowering advice

  • Cholesterol lowering advice

💷 How much: this will be costed between £20-£40

🚨 Appointments will be given on a first come first served basis.

🚨 This will be a trial session and we plan to open up more frequent and regular clinic sessions

⚠️This clinic is exclusively for people who have a low income.

Email or complete the contact form to receive the triage questionnaire and booking link .

"I want to make my services accessible to as many people as possible. Health inequalities because of a lack of access has been a long standing issue in marginalised groups. The ripple effects of COVID and now inflation have only made the health gap wider."
I am here to help support, advise and teach you to make healthier food choices for you and your family."

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