Is Greek Yogurt as Healthy as They say it is?

The short answer...yes. Read on for a bit more on my reasons why it is. Answers to questions for a GoodtoKnow online article


1. Which Greek yogurt brands are healthy?

Whether it’s Yeo Valley, Fage, Dannon or supermarket-own-brand, there are marginal differences between difference brands of Greek Yoghurt.

Taking note of the fat and added sugar content are more important.

For example, flavoured Greek style yogurts will have added sugars too, and this will increase its calorie content.

As with other yogurts, Greek yoghurts are available in varying levels of fat content: ‘low fat’, ‘no fat’ ‘5%’ fat and so on. Choose the yogurt which best suits your health goals and taste preferences.

2. Is Greek yogurt good for weight loss and why?

Yes, Greek yogurt can help with weight loss. It’s a source of protein and we know that taking in adequate amounts of protein spaced out across the day can help to make you feel fuller and reduce hunger cravings. If you have less hunger cravings, there is less chance of you reaching for highly refined sugar and/or high fat convenience snacks!

Greek yogurt can be used as a lower calorie, lower fat substitute in cooking for example: use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream on chilli or and use Greek yoghurt in place of cream topped on soups

3. And what makes the best low fat Greek yogurt (nutrition wise)?

It’s a great source of protein- providing about 14g of protein per 150g serving (that’s the size of an average yoghurt pot). This is about 40% more protein than in a serving of plain natural yoghurt. Protein is important because it’s essential for muscle growth and repair, supporting cell growth and the immune system and it plays a vital role in wound healing.

Greek yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, essential for promoting and maintaining bone strength- one 150g portion provides over 30% of an adult’s calcium intake recommendation for the day!

It also contains probiotics, which support a healthy bacterial balance in the gut allowing them to thrive and prevent the overgrowth or bad bacteria. A healthy gut flora has been linked to having loads of health benefits including strengthening the immune system, prevent inflammation and help with food digestion.

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