About Jasmine

"My goal is to make nutritional advice accessible to all. Regardless of background, we should all be given the opportunity to hear and understand how food can be used to prevent and treat disease."

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Jasmine Carbon has a passion for food, in particular its relationship in disease prevention and health promotion.  Food is not just there to keep us alive it should be delicious, enjoyed and savoured.

This is why Jasmine believes that we should eat mindfully and in moderation. We should eat what we like and not feel guilty about it.


For many, food symbolises community, culture and heritage. This is why Jasmine ensures that all food advice provided is tailored to the individual and their preferred diet.

Get in contact today to find out how personalised nutritional support can help you to achieve a healthier lifestyle.


Credentials and Experience

Nutrition and Dietetics BSc (Hons) from University of Surrey (2015)

Registered Dietitian and member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA)  and registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Vice Chair for the British Dietetic Association London Branch

5 years of clinical experience providing 121 consultations, group sessions, health education talks and training in both the hospital and community settings.

Charity Work:

Worked in partnership with Zodiac Arts Charity to design and facilitate a weekly healthy eating workshop for toddlers and parents.

I have also developed monthly health promotion presentations to parents and guardians of children who attend Zodiac Arts' "Kung Phooey 4 Kids" martial arts club.

Talks & Workshops:

Healthy Eating for Under 5s Workshops: Portman Nursery, London (June 2019)

"Healthy Eating with Sickle Cell Disease", Sickle Cell Society (15/06/2019)

"Nutrition and Exercise", Evolve Body Transformation Bootcamp: Guildford (October 2019)