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About Us

At Carbon Nutrition Limited, we provide support, advice and education tailored to you. To find out more, contact our dietitians today.

The Problem

We know that genes, diet and lifestyle choices have an impact on our health. However social factors including: difficulty accessing reputable and relevant healthcare resources, appointment times which do not fit in within your schedule, not feeling listened to, a lack of cultural competency within a western healthcare system and poor rapport building between healthcare professionals and client can build barriers that can lead to a lack of trust and faith in the care provided.

Black African and Afro-Caribbean for more likely to develop diabetes at a younger age (25 years old) compare to white counterparts (40 years old) (


People from Black African and Black Caribbean ethnic groups have a higher risk of hypertension than the general population (


72.0% of adults from black ethnic groups were overweight or living with obesity – the highest percentage out of all ethnic groups (


Our Solution

Carbon Nutrition Limited has been created to provide:

  • Access to nutrition and health resources that use findings from the most up to date research
  • Advice which takes your cultural and traditional food preferences into account
  • Advice that treats you holistically
  • The option of video or telephone call consultations
  • The option of payment plans
  • Virtual and face-to-face workshops so you can meet people, share experiences, support and motivate each-other

About Our Founder

Jasmine Carbon

Owner & Founder

Hi, I’m Jasmine Carbon!

I am a HCPC registered dietitian and have been working as a clinical dietitian across hospital and community settings since 2015. I have a passion for food, in particular its relationship in disease prevention and health promotion. Food is not just there to keep us alive it should be a delicious and enjoyable experience.

I believe that we should eat mindfully, in moderation and feel empowered to make food choices that not only optimises our present and future selves but will also have a positive impact on the people around us and for generations to come. Being brought up in a Caribbean household, I have been taught to not only enjoy food but to use it to help treat and prevent illness. Much of Caribbean folklore beliefs on food and nutrition lack robust evidence. However, with guidance some of these cultural beliefs can have a place in a well balanced diet and lifestyle.

Food for me symbolises community, culture and heritage. This is why I ensure that all food advice provided is tailored to the individual and their preferred diet.

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